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How to find your confidence

Spray painted outline of body builder pose on white backgroundIt’s summer! Time for holidays, festivals and having a little more free time for fun activities. But for some of us it can be a bit daunting.

The pressure to look good, feel good and always be having a good time can make us feel a bit down. Here are some tips to boost that self-esteem and  feel like the best version of you:

1. You’re unique

There is no one else like you in the world so be the best you can be. Work with what you’ve got and embrace your flaws, turn them into something to love and be proud of! The trends change too quickly to keep up with so set your own and stick to what you like and what suits you!

2. Self-care is not selfish

Taking a few extra minutes in the morning to get ready. Taking the time to put effort into yourself will make a huge difference to how you feel! Even if it’s as small a thing as doing something a little extra to your hair or picking your outfit. It’s too easy to sleep in and get ready last minute so fight it and you’ll reap the benefits!

3. Posture

Our body language can make a huge difference to how we feel and how people interact with us. Not feeling your best? Fake it until you make it, stand tall and sit up straight. Imagine you’re a celebrity and take on their attitude and confidence until it becomes second nature. You’re stance will change people’s perception of you and you may even gain an inch or two!

4. Positive Affirmations

What we say to ourselves can make such a huge difference to how we feel. It is so important to stay mindful of our self-talk to make sure we are encouraging, not criticising ourselves.

First thing in the morning, last thing at night and any moment of the day in between repeat statements of your choice that remind you that you deserve positivity and light into your life. If you are feeling down or can’t find a reason, being human is reason enough. Statements like “I deserve love and happiness” or “I am beautiful and I am strong”, whatever works for you.. put into the world what you want to get out of it link self talk in here

5. Smile

This one is easy, simply smile. It uses less muscles and it will have a positive impact on not only you but those around you. It’s contagious and it can actually alter your mood. So next time you notice you’re in a bad mood smile!!

Only you have the power to allow yourself to feel confident and while it may not happen overnight. It will happen with time if you allow it to. You are special and have every reason to be confident!

This blog was written for by our Youth Editorial Board member Clodagh O’Sullivan.

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