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4 Reasons why it’s okay to make mistakes

arrows on road“I made a mistake.” – Those words can be hard to admit but the truth is everyone makes mistakes. Even those of us that strive for perfection make errors.

Making mistakes is part of being human and instead of being hard on yourself you should see each mistake as an opportunity for growth.

The next time you feel like you have messed up, remember these 4 reasons why it’s okay to make mistakes:

1. You can learn from your mistakes

In every mistake we make there is an opportunity to learn something new. Practicing is a part of learning any new skill and not getting it right the fist time is all part of that learning process.

2. You can try again

The greatest advantage of making a mistake is the opportunity to fix it. If you hurt someone, you can apologize and make amends. If you failed an exam, it does not mean your career is over, you can try to do better the next time. If you make the same mistake next time apply what you learned the first time you made the mistake. (Don’t worry; most of us have made the same mistake more than once!)

3. Growth

Mistakes are essential for growth and enable us to understand ourselves better. From each mistake, we can learn and make better choices.

4. Mistakes create compassion

Next time a friend or family member makes a mistake, you’re much more likely to be kinder and understand as a result of your experiences.


• Mistakes do not dictate your life
• You are not your mistakes
• Everyone makes mistakes
• They are inevitable

Mistakes are a normal part of life, they help shape who we are and make us better!

This blog was written for by our Youth Editorial Board member Rachel O’Leary.