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Who visits and why?

Two important questions, and in March we ran a really short survey to help us answer these questions.

We used a pop-up survey and asked visitors to the following:

  • What age are you?
  • What kind of information are you looking for today?


There were 291 responses to the age question. We found that 59% of survey respondents were within our target age range of 12 to 25 years-old. This is similar to previous evaluations we have done.

Reason for visit

There were 172 responses to the question about what information survey respondents were looking for. This question was open ended so people were free to explain in their own words. The wide range of information sought, mirrored the vast range of topics and information on Most survey respondents were searching for information that is already on This suggests that we are reaching the right people

Here’s what people were looking for information on:

Mental health problems

  • “how to deal with anxiety, stress and the feeling of panic relating to the leaving cert”
  •  “Info about feeling sad every night

Sex and relationships

 Suicide and self-harm

  • “how to talk to youth/teens about self-harm

Drugs and alcohol


Getting help

  • I need support
  •  “plz help”

Help a friend

School or college projects


We learned a lot from this short survey and in the coming months we hope to run similar surveys to better understand visitors to our site.

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