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Teen Talk- promoting positive mental health in Cork

Teen Talk conferenceOne of our fantastic Youth Ambassadors, tells us about attending the Teen Talk Conference in Cork on behalf of, and shares some of Bressie’s top tips for minding your mental health. 

What’s it all about?

On May 1st 2018 in the Radisson Hotel, Little Island, Transition Year students from around Cork attended the Teen Talk Conference. Teen Talk focuses on physical and mental well-being for teenagers. The conference was organised by Cork County Council, and was addressed by Rob Heffernan, Dr. Pixie McKenna, Niall Breslin (aka Bressie) and MC Maria Walsh.

Meeting young people

What an amazing and insightful event. We enjoyed interacting with the students, creating awareness about and the information and support young people can find there. As well as providing information, we asked students to share with us what makes them smile in life. From friends and family, to pets and food, everyone had lots of suggestions of things that make them happy!what makes you smile

Learning about mental health

Furthermore, we particularly enjoyed the Five Mental Health tips from Blizzards front man and well-known mental health advocate, Niall Breslin, better known as ‘Bressie’, and we wanted to share them with you guys!

Bressie’s top tips

  1. Limit exposure to toxic people
  2. Self compassion – Every night before you fall asleep, acknowledge one good thing about yourself
  3. Gratitude – Every morning you wake up, before you check your phone or do anything else, say 20 things that you are thankful for
  4.  Mindfulness  – Stop thinking about yesterday/tomorrow and focus on the here and now. Try to have 30 mindful moments a day
  5.  Stop judging people (That includes yourself!)

Finally, be sound to yourself and others, together we can create sounder societies 🙂

This blog was written for by our Youth Editorial Board member Rachel O’Leary.

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