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Making the most of snow days

We’ve just about calmed down after the excitement of ‘the snow’ here at ReachOut HQ. We’re back to work and into the swing of our usual routines again. Strange and all as it was, the unexpected break from the norm was, now that I think about it, badly needed.

We’re all in this together

It’s funny how a weather event like this can make us feel closely connected to each other. It’s all anyone was talking about; “how bad will it be…?”, “do you wanna build a snowman…?”, “do you have any bread left??!!” When we have a common purpose and an experience that we’re all sharing, we tend to feel more connected to each other and less lonely. On the green outside my house for example, I got talking to neighbours I had seen many times, but had never spoken to before. It’s strange it took this to get us talking but there you go!


I love the Irish sense of humour and the way we make the best of situations. From the hashtags like #breadmageddon, to the amazing snow features we created, we got so inventive and funny. Maybe we don’t give ourselves enough time during our normal days or weeks to relax, to plan or to imagine…

Extra time

Even if you didn’t get outside to build a snowman, having extra time to be with family, to read the book you’ve been meaning to get to for ages, to sleep or to catch up on some Netflix was great. I know some of you were probably studying (trying to anyway…) but even then the break from the usual routine was welcome I’m sure. It almost feels like we pressed ‘pause’ for a little while, which can definitely help to reduce stress.

Keeping the snow day spirit

I’ve often dreamed of snow days but to be honest by the end of it I was cold and getting bored. Now it’s time to catch up on work (!), get out and walk off the extra bread I’ve eaten the last few days and to restock with fresh fruit and veg. However I’m going to remember how nice it was to have the snow break and try to take time every now and then to think, to create, to catch up and to talk to my neighbours!


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