Helping you get through tough times

Feeling anxious all the time?

We know that many young people are experiencing anxiety in way that’s interfering with their everyday lives.

multi coloured abstractIf this sounds like you, try some of our tips here to help stop you feeling anxious all the time.

Get enough quality sleep

Regular, quality sleep is what we need to make sure we don’t get overly anxious about things. When we are actually experiencing anxiety and stress our bodies and minds need more sleep and rest.

Phones in bed and Netflix are playing havoc with our sleep hygiene. Develop a wind down routine with no screen time an hour before bed.

Stop with the excuses

“My phone is my alarm clock”, sound familiar? If you find yourself still WhatsApping until whatever way too late is for you, start to leave the phone outside of the bedroom and get an alarm clock. They are cheap; cheaper than phones, so stop with the excuses.

Take time out

When you do have free-time, actively get some down time. Get a massage, go for walk or hike, play five aside, do yoga, meditate, try some relaxation exercises or look at find a way to relax that suits you.

Whatever it is, work on finding something that can give your mind a break from the thoughts that are making you anxious. If you can make some of it outdoors, all the better. Yes, even in winter.

Avoid stimulants

Limit your intake of alcohol, caffeine and energy drinks which can aggravate anxiety and trigger panic attacks and feelings of anxiety.

They alter your moods and interfere with your ability to identify the things that are really bothering you.

Eat well

You know the rules on this one. Sugar, salt filled snacks or convenience meals are not good fuel for your body at the best of times.

When you’re looking to manage anxiety give your body the best nutrition you can and eat well.

Write stuff down

Keeping track of what’s going on for you can help you identify any patterns in what makes you feel anxious. It also allows you to vent in an uncensored way and work out the root of your anxiety.

Exercise regularly

We all know exercise has a multitude of benefits but sometime can be difficult to fit it in regularly if you don’t really enjoy it, so you need to sneak it in to your routine.

Don’t have lunch at your desk and try to get out for walk on your lunch breaks and see the difference it can make how you’re feeling. Get friends involved to chat to while you walk.

Meditation for anxiety

Some people find different types of meditation helps them manage anxiety over time.

The very notion of bringing yourself into the current moment so that you’re not catastrophising about what may or may not happen can be really effective.

It’s not for everyone, and it’s not easy but have a go with one of the many free phone apps now available.

Have a laugh

Having a good laugh and being social can really help alleviate feelings of stress.

Give yourself a break

Are you holding disproportionately high standards for yourself, that you wouldn’t for others? It’s not helpful, so learn to take it easy on yourself.

If you’ve done badly in something, or said something out of turn, learn from the experience and move on from it.

We are all a product of our failures and success, don’t loose sleep over things cannot be remedied or forgotten by everyone else.

Inform yourself

Find out as much as you can about anxiety, to recognise the signs and manage them early on.