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Working on your college routine

It’s nearly Halloween , but still settling into a routine for college can be a real challenge. We asked our Youth Network to share some tips to help. 

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Where you need to be

Plan out how you’re travelling (traffic, buses etc)  and the time it takes – at different times of the day that you need. All hail Google maps and the information you can get from it.

We have had such changeable weather, and there are soon to be some more transport strikes, so plan ahead to avoid panicking and give yourself a good start.

Make sure you know where all your classes and lectures are and any potential changes.

If you’re on a new campus, even at this point, make sure to orientate yourself with all that you’ll need, like the Students’ Union Office, Counselling Services, where your lectures and tutorials are, lunch and tea and coffee spots, toilets, fire exits … you know yourself, be prepared.

Prep the night before

If you’re in college, it can sound like something you were told to do in school, but it really can make a difference. Lay out what you’re going to wear the night before, get lunch or breakfast ready, make sure you have no punctures on your bike or money/ticket for the bus or train and basically have your books and keys ready to head for the mornings.

This can save such stress and shave minutes off your morning routine. This is a great habit to develop for the year.

If you’ve no uniform or are in college, a lot of thought can be required for outfits for the days, so try to plan and lay it out the night before.

Sleepy time

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep. As much as you can. How many times have you heard this? But, you know how you feel when you don’t get it.

Work on a sleeping routine for the rest of the term and year. It can ironically take a bit of work with adjustments, so really practice a wind down before bed, including no screens for half an hour before bed.

Waking up just a tiny bit earlier to give yourself time to get ready to go to school/college at your own pace is not a pipe dream, it helps if you do it.

If you’re rushing you’re more likely to forget something or be stressed.

A good start with a good breakfast

Don’t be tempted to skip breakfast. Or lunch. Eating proper meals along with sleep are the fuel you need for study and getting the best out of your days.

If you try to follow these tips, you will feel better mentally, emotionally and physically and be ready to get the best of the term and year ahead.