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Rubberbandits’ Sonny’s powerful message

The Rubberbandits have released a new song ‘Sonny’ that will not only stay in your head but make you stop and think about some of the causes and also the stereotypes about suicide.

Causes of suicide

The song highlights the multitude of factors that can cause someone to take their life and challenges assumptions that we might hold. When bereaved by suicide we are left needing answers, but we are complex beings and so the answers are never simple.

Sometimes, without realising it we hold on to myths and assumptions about suicide, and not challenging them can be dangerous for ourselves, and others.

Speaking out against suicide

The Rubberbandits have always been very vocal about suicide and the state of mental health in Ireland and tell it like it is. This song speaks to everyone and needs to be heard.

If you have been having suicidal thoughts, remember these are just thoughts and you do not need to act on them. Please read ‘Wanting to take your life‘.