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Culture Night 2017

It’s back to school, back to college and you can definitely feel autumn in the air. Maybe you’re mourning the end of the summer, but enjoying jumpers, coats and scarves again!

culture night logoPeople start to get ready to batten down the hatches, and go into hibernation mode. So, if you have any free time, you find it needs more planning.

This year, Culture Night falls on Friday, 22 September and has events on all around the country. It’s a great opportunity to do something different and celebrate the arts.

Nights closing in

Darker evenings and colder weather can make us think of binging Netflix. But, if we’re not careful cutting yourself off can lead to isolation and loneliness.

There can be a fine line between quality time alone, taking time out, and spending too much time alone. Like most things, balance is key.

Heading out into the cold, dark evening might not seem fun, but if you do it once, you break the valve and realise how easy it is.

Low on funds?

This time of year can be expensive, OK like loads of other times. In September particularly, we need new clothes and things for school, text books, moving away to college, and the nightmare that is accommodation.

With so many ‘essentials’, it’s doesn’t take much to have little left over for socialising.

Culture Night, demonstrates that socialising needn’t always be about eating out and drinking, clubs, shopping or the cinema.

Loads of the events on Culture Night are free! There’s loads to do at very little, or no cost. All it needs from you is a bit of planning and research.

Be a tourist in your own town

Culture Night is in its thirteenth year and getting bigger each year. It only comes around once a year, but it shows the variety of things to do.

Sometimes, it takes having visitors to realise how much is going on around you, and often there’s loads of interesting things going on that we don’t know about it.

Culture Night makes us to to get out of our routines, and try out new things with our friends or on our our own.

Trying out new things often strengthens friendships and broadens our horizons a little.