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Sometimes, when we have something on our mind that’s bugging us it can be good to share with others in the same situation.

Turn2meYouth logoOften, we don’t feel we have someone nearby, or close to us, to talk to about the things that really stress us. Or, we may not want to talk to people close to us and would benefit from talking to someone outside the the situation.

How it works, is a new site for 16 – 19 year-olds that will be hosting five evening online support groups facilitated by a professional counsellor. The sessions run for an hour on Sunday to Thursday evenings and are entirely anonymous and free to join.

Each evening has a different theme; LGBT Support, Anxiety, School stress, Family relationships and Your mental health. We know from that these are issues that can cause a great deal of stress for young people.

To begin with, this is a pilot project and you will need to fill out an online questionnaire about your experience after taking part in a session. This is short and made up of a few quick questions that will help shape the service for everyone, to make it as helpful as possible for young people in Ireland.

It is completely anonymous and will not be trapping any of your personal details, at any stage. It’s also important to know that this is not a crisis intervention service, but the turn2meYouth team will be there to support you in a group setting when you register for one of the Online Support Groups.

I’m between 16 – 19 years-old and interested, what now?

Head on over to turn2meyouth.iechoose the Online Support Group that is most  relevant to you and register now. Take note of the time and turn up to talk freely online with others your own age who can relate to what you’re going through.

The first group will be starting on Sunday, 10 September.

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