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Celebrating Leaving Cert results night

So it will be a big night tomorrow night, no matter what results you or your friends get.

head on the bar drunkFor the most part, you’ve probably made plans to head to a nightclub or party to celebrate or commiserate the results.

To start with enjoy the night, you’ve earned it. But, we of course have a few tips for you to be mindful about alcohol for your and your friends’ safety.


Sounds like a good idea – pre-drinking – it’s cheaper and you can all meet up before the club but you can ending up consuming way more than you know and things can start to go downhill.

Try to stick to one drink and not mix them.

At all costs, AVOID SHOTS. Seriously. They are all kinds of wrongness and can end what could be a really fun night, prematurely.

Eat a good meal

Do eat a substantial meal before going out. Drinking on an empty stomach is not a good idea.

Hydrate: with water!

If you can, it’s a good idea to alternate alcoholic drinks with water. If that doesn’t work out, make sure to drink water throughout the night.

Look out for each other

It can be a highly emotional night and it can also get messy. Stick with your friends and look out for each other.

Have a back-up plan

The combination of emotions, alcohol, all friends being out together for what is maybe the first time since the end of the exams can be quite overwhelming for some. No matter what goes on, someone will need looking after at some stage.

Make a plan with a parent, or an adult you trust before you head out and have an understanding that you can call them, just in case something goes pear-shaped.

In the unlikely situation that someone does get very sick or overwhelmed by the events, knowing there’s someone you can call to help can be really reassuring.

Here’s to results you’re happy with and a great night!