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Game of Thrones or Game of Relationships?

In a realm of war and power, would you rather be the person with relationships that provide support and firepower, or the person with no relationships and little defences?

Game of Thrones Season 7 posterThis should be an obvious answer, but the person with relationships and support will probably be more beneficial.

As season 7 of Game of Thrones kicks off it can be helpful to think about how big of a role relationships have played in the series and how this can help positively influence relationships in your life.

Game of Thrones recap

Within the seven kingdoms there are great houses which are essentially great and powerful families that control parts of the kingdoms.

These families all want power in some way so some teamed up with others to get rid of rivals to gain more power.

Families make relationships through alliances and marriages to make things happen or stop things from happening. Season 6 portrayed this through the rise of House Targaryen, specifically Queen Daenerys.

The alliances made and support gained will help her claim the Iron Throne. In contrast, Queen Cersei, who sits on the Iron Throne, wiped out her support. She dismantled all the relationships she had because of the potential loss of power.

This basically leaves her defenceless against Queen Daenerys.

Relationships in your life

Throughout life, you develop different types of relationships all the time. Having strong supportive relationships help when coping with losses and/or traumatic events, and even everyday events that can get you down.

Getting rid of your relationships could possibly leave you in a situation like Queen Cersei, defenceless. In the series, creating an alliance with Daenerys may be the only thing worth doing for Cersei.

This alliance will help everyone as the Night’s King is the common enemy. This is similar to befriending someone you didn’t like or who didn’t like you to get past your differences and move forward towards a common goal, like in work or college for example.

There may not be the goal of defeating the Night’s King but it could be a goal still worth reaching.

Reflection on yourself

As you sit and watch season 7 of Game of Thrones, as great entertainment as it can be, try and think of ways that you can learn from the characters and mistakes they have made to improve your relationships.

This may be a bit easy because they seem to make a lot of mistakes. This series has much to say about relationships and how important they can be. You just have to listen.

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