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Every Brilliant Thing

The presence of mental health in a conversation or discussion usually leads to the assumption that there is something wrong, or something that needs to be fixed.

Positive mental health asserts itself as being something good and is not just about the absence of something wrong.

Every Brilliant Thing play poster What is positive health about?

Positive mental health is about knowing your worth. It is about being able to handle everyday stress while also being productive in your work and active in your community.

Spreading mental health awareness is spreading awareness about the importance of mental health and the awareness of mental health problems. The next step is encouraging positive mental health.

Living with someone with a mental health problem

Mental health is all around us and the problems of mental health affect everyone within our reach. Family life can change in the face of a mental health problem as it may change the person affected. This is why positive mental health is so important.

It helps families cope with day-to-day stress and provides a positive outlook for family members who have mental health problems.

Movies, TV shows, as well as plays have tried to show how mental health problems can change families while also showing how important positive mental health is. So far, very few have had success in a realistic reflection of how it can be.

Every Brilliant Thing

This is a one-man play about depression and the lengths we will go to for those we love. Based on true and untrue stories.

Imagine being six years-old and having a mother who is depressed, and who has attempted suicide.

Witnessing the affects this mental health problem has on your mother, you decide to make a list of brilliant things that you believe are worth living for to cheer her up. The things on that list is what the play is about.

The intentions of a driven six year-old have the ability to make you laugh as well as bring a few tears to your eyes. To find out what is on that list and find out the rest of the story come to the Pavilion Theatre in Dun Laoghaire 11 – 16 July, and watch Every Brilliant Thing.

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