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Ed Sheeran shuts down online harassment

Whether you’re an Ed Sheeran fan or not, there’s no doubt you know him, and you may know his story. 

From the child inspirations, the teenage homelessness, and the big break to fame, Ed Sheeran has always remained resilient.

Ed SheeranTired of attacks

You may have also heard that he has decided to quit Twitter because of abuse from trolls. He’s not the first celebrity to do this, but it’s shocking based on his popularity and the connection he has with his fans.

He explains that Twitter seems to be filled with nothing but people saying mean things.

Having criticise your actions and insult or attack you personally may be enough to make you quit Twitter as well. Knowing how to deal with these things can give you the advantage in situations like this.

Recognising online harassment

Online harassment is issue on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Unfortunately, putting yourself online now can leave yourself open to people who are just out to menace.

Making sure you know how to recognise and deal with online harassment may be something that can help.

Going offline

Ed Sheeran decided to deal with online harassment by going offline.

Going offline is one way to deal with online harassment that involves turning your phone or computer off. This isn’t letting the trolls win, but you taking control of your online life.

Separating yourself from your phone or computer can help stop the negative feelings from pouring in when reading and re-reading a hurtful post, or comment. Taking breaks every now and then are a good thing for your mental health anyway.

Don’t feed the trolls

When someone harasses you, they are most likely waiting for a response. This response lets them know that what they are saying has affected you and thus they will continue to harass you. Don’t give them the advantage by replying. Delete the message, post, or comment and move on.

Reporting harassment

If the harassment is more serious or you feel threatened, telling someone or informing the Gardaí is important. Threatening someone in any form is against the law and the Gardaí can put an end to it.

Telling someone that you trust about the harassment can defuse the situation before it gets worse. Changing your contact details is also something to consider as it will make it difficult for someone to get in contact with you.

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