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Father’s Day Sunday #notetoself

Father’s Day is this Sunday. It’s a day to be thankful for our fathers and honour the relationships we have, if we have them.

Fathers DayA day to acknowledge the influence fathers have had on our society and thank them. Yes, it’s also a day to make us buy stuff: socks, beer, gardening tools – you’ve seen the signs I’m sure.

Our father’s health

Men’s Health week is a week dedicated to increase awareness of, education around and the prevention of health problems, both physical and mental, in males. Men’s Health Week is concluded with father’s day.

Father’s Day can be good opportunity to ask “how are you doing?” This question will hopefully encourage our fathers to seek help for any health problems that they may be experiencing.

It’s our job as family and friends to encourage them to do so.

Physical and mental health needs constant looking after and it always best if these problems are detected early on. Use the day to show you care about who your dad is and what they’ve done, but also how they are doing.

The forgotten many

For those of us who have fathers that are no longer in the picture and havent been in a while, Father’s Day can be a bit confusing or upsetting.

Father’s Day is not only about our biological fathers, it can be about all of the male role models or father figures that we have in our lives.

Sometimes, these can be female father figures. This is a day for them as well. Let them know how much what they do means to you and how much you care about them. Be sure to ask “how are you doing?”

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