Helping you get through tough times

Welcoming Johnathan

We’d like to welcome Johnathan Tinsley, 20 years-old, who is with us from Louisville, Kentucky and will be writing content for the site for the next few months.

Johnathan“I care about mental health. Not only because I have had someone close to me have complications with mental health, but also because I care about people.

Each individual is important and I want to help make sure each individual knows that.

Making the most of it

I care about the education people receive about mental health and that gets me excited about working with ReachOut. I will be here for the next two months and I plan to make the most out of it and I will be sharing my experience on the site.

I am a junior psychology major, studying in the U.S., and I chose to study psychology because it was interesting to me. Why people went to see a therapist was an early question in my childhood. I also wondered why they had really good carpet.

Career goals

These questions stayed with me and because I did not find the answer, my initial goal was to answer these questions. My goal now is to become a therapist and help others like a therapist helped my mom.

I feel that it’s important to have doctors of the brain/mind just like there are doctors for the rest of the body. I believe that mental health education is just as important as physical health education.

Taking responsibility

There is something called “miseducation” I believe exist in all parts of the world. This is believing whatever information you are presented with, instead of being responsible for your own education.
Mental health is presented in many forms of media. It is sometimes good, but mostly it is not. Knowing what makes it good or bad is a step in the right direction.

Finding answers

As to the reason for really good carpet, I have come understand how important being comfortable is. It is not a definite answer but it answers my question.

It is about being comfortable with yourself, with others and with your environment. The really good carpet helped make the offices more comfortable. So it alleviated some of the stress that comes from being uncomfortable.”