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Instagram and mental health #hereforyou

If you’re a fan of Instagram you may have noticed a new campaign from them shining a light on mental health #hereforyou.

Instagram logoWhat’s it all about?

For the month of May, Instagram are promoting this video of three people who use social media to be advocates and support the mental health of others.

In their own words, they’re:

… using our own platform to show the video above to people all over the world, helping to raise awareness about mental health and the importance of finding support.

Mental health awareness

Instagram, along with other social networks, have been great facilitators for individuals to connect with others and share their experiences with mental health.

Green Ribbon month

May is the month for mental health awareness and the Green Ribbon Campaign, changing minds about mental health, one conversation at a time.

There are events all around the country, so get involved.

What we think about mental health

In our recent survey with teensagers around Ireland, we found mixed feelings about the public conversation about mental health. Some felt we have a long way to go, while others felt there was now too much talk about it.

Whatever your thoughts are, the message needs to get through to everyone that any one of us could experience a mental health problem at any time and we all need to manage our physical and mental health.  Check out what we mean when we talk about mental health.

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