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How to know if you have anxiety

There seems to be more people seeking help for anxiety than every before.
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As a result, there is more talk about it, along with a lot of media coverage on anxiety, meaning some days we can be surrounded by the topic.

An everyday feeling

The important thing to realise is that feelings of anxiety are completely normal and everyone experiences them from time-to-time. It can be a reaction with positive outcomes, helping us prepare for things like exams or interviews.

But, if anxiety starts to interfere with your daily life then you need to take action by learning to manage it and maybe seeking extra help if you feel it is necessary.

How to recognise anxiety

There are many physical and behavioural ways that anxiety can affect you. Some physical effects are:

  • poor concentration
  • muscle tension and headaches
  • rapid heart rate and breathing
  • sweating or trembling

Check out more about the different signs and symptoms of anxiety.

Again, remember it’s OK to have feelings of anxiety for certain events, it’s normal. It’s only when these feelings become more frequent and start to get in the way that you need to seek extra help.

How to help anxiety

The good thing is anxiety can be managed. What works for one person may not for another but, there are some known things that if tried continuously will help make any feelings of anxiety you might have more bearable. These can give you a better sense of control of your feelings of anxiety.

The ways to manage anxiety are good for your mental health and wellbeing. So, if you feel after informing yourself about anxiety that it actually may not be an issue for you, they are good healthy habits for positive mental health.

So give them a try! >> Tips for dealing with anxiety.

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