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Pressure from social media

In March, we surveyed, 2,500 people between the ages of 13 – 19 years-old around Ireland about mental health, for our ‘What’s Wrecking Your Head?‘ report. 

Many respondents mentioned the pressure they feel from social media and that it was a source of tension between them and their parents.

Have a certain look

The pressure felt by young people is to look a certain way and live a certain kind of lifestyle.

We have spoken to some of you before who echo this. You’re tired of the pressure you feel from social media, while also finding it nearly impossible to step away from it.

Managing feelings of pressure

Well, we’re afraid to tell you, the way to manage these feelings is to step away. For a while. Take breaks. Set boundaries.

Don’t want to hear it, or think it’s impossible? But, ask yourself why you continue to do something that makes you feel bad?

Fear of missing out

We can all feel a bit of #FOMO from time-to-time but if we’re happy in ourselves and our lives, we can get over it. If we are constantly reminding ourselves that we’re missing out by checking social media every five minutes, well then we can’t.

Dwelling on something and rubbing it in for yourself by going down a rabbit hole of social media snooping is not good for your mental health or wellbeing. This isn’t news to you, we’re sure you’re well aware of it.

Media literacy

There’s the other thing about social media about not really being sure about what’s going on behind the images or posts. OK, so we know we might go through a few selfies before we find one to post  but what about what we’re looking at.

Model and Instagram ‘influencer’ Essena O’Neill, talks about how damaging it can be for everyone involved, the viewer and the model; that’s when she had had enough. Her take that it was all lies is to be listened to and understood.

Ultimately, it’s up to you what you do on social media. But, remember that there is too much of a good thing and managing your own time on social media can keep it to being a good thing and not make you feel bad.