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Painting the town green on Paddy’s Day

Maybe you’re only Irish for 17 March, or maybe you’re born and bred, whichever it is, it’s become quite the hooley!

ShamrockParades are held as far away a America, Australia and even Japan.

Unfortunately, the talk of drink and being drunk has gone hand-in-hand with talk of the national holiday, which should make us consider the issue of alcohol as a part of the Irish identity.

St Patrick’s Day traditions

The day has been associated with the celebration and expression of Irish culture: dancing and singing, as well as the consumption of alcohol.

This can often translate into things like peer-pressure to participate. So, know what you want to do and make plans around it.

All things in moderation

As with anything though, it’s good to have a bit of balance.

We can be a bit relaxed about watching units of alcohol, so we need to be more aware of the effects of alcohol

What else is there to do?

Whatever you want! There’s loads on, like your your local parade or family friendly events. Or, take a step back and hang out with friends or family. It is a holiday after all!

You know yourself, you only have to do something once and then it’s a tradition – start your own.

Taitneamh a bhaint as!