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Safer Internet Day 2017

This year Safer Internet Day falls on Tuesday, 7 February. What’s it all about and what can you do about it?

You’re savvy, you lock down your privacy settings, making sure you have good passwords and you can recognise a scam a mile off. So, what does ‘safer’ internet mean?

Addicted to your phone?

Most of us don’t go ‘online’ anymore, we’re just on, all the time – on our phones, tablets or laptops for large parts of the day. We’re connected more than ever and some of us very, very attached or a little addicted to our phones.

Negative behaviour

We also have the right to this connectedness with friends, games, music, sports, fashion and publications without experiencing abuse, harassment or ridicule.

This however, isn’t always the case, as just like in real life, there are examples of negative behaviour online. There are those who go out of their way to put people down, make fun of them off or just generally just abuse them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…you name it.

Trolling, cyberbullying or just haters. You may have not thought about naming it before, but you know it when you see it. But are you mindful of when you are taking part in it?

There are those who share things on Snapchat or Instagram, or whichever, about themselves or others that they really shouldn’t. This is rarely ends well, so taking a beat or two to remind yourself the second you send something, you no longer own it or have control over it.

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Like for like

Have you ever shared something about someone that was meant for your eyes only? Or have you shared something a video or an image that was taken without permission?

Ever put someone down, only to get a load of likes for it. Did that benefit you in the long-run? How do you think the other person felt?

Easily misunderstood

Sometimes what we put online can be misinterpreted. It can be taken out of context, the timing can coincide with something else that alters its meaning or just the speed of us trying to get something out there can mean we’ve the whole thing in our heads and it doesn’t translate.

There are times we all need to take extra care and remember the person at the other end of a post. How someone feels about things you wrote or posted may be competely different to what you intended.

Get involved

It’s all of our responsibility to work together and make the internet a safer space. With that in mind, take a few seconds each time to think about what you do online.

Check out Safer Internet Day for more.

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