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What made us smile at Zeminar

We had a fantastic time at Zeminar last week. There were tonnes of great moments, but the highlight was having so many aspects of young people’s lives represented in the one place.

Mental health and wellbeing organisations, career information stands, sports, music, youth clubs and youth political party stands were all under the one roof.

This makes mental health feel more ‘everyday’ and so it’s OK to talk about our mental health, just as we talk about our interest in sports and music.

What makes you smile?

If you were you may have seen our stand and our ‘What makes you smile?’ board. We spoke to hundreds of students about mental health and wellbeing and about how can help. It was encouraging to hear so many had already heard about and had posters up in their schools.

We know that gratitude and regularly thinking about the good things in our life can have big benefits for our mental health, which is why we asked people ‘what makes you smile?’.

Easy for some

For some, this was easy and they were able to write them on the board within seconds. For others, it was a tougher job that required time and thought.

We had pages and pages of thoughts from those we met and reading back through them all certainly made me smile. Here’s a selection of some of them.

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