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Body positivity

Growing up with social media, for all its good and its bad, it can have a impact on our self-esteem.

Hands forming a heartWe worry about the way people think about and we can’t help compare ourselves to those we follow.

This can feed our desire to look like someone else.

It’s easy then to fall into a trap; constantly altering ourselves to fit a particular look. We dye our hair. We plaster our faces with makeup. We look into the mirror with disgust, not love.

Body positivity is the concept of self-love. Each body – regardless of size, shape or volume – should be respected. Body positivity aims to reduce rampant body shaming and replace it with confidence building.

Referring to yourself

It doesn’t matter if you think a certain pair of jeans are too tight. It doesn’t matter if you’ve grown up believing “I can’t wear this/that”.

Just do what feels right for you and feel good doing it.

We can get into habits of putting our selves down and we’re are own worst critics, but we start to listen to that a believe it. We need to change the way we refer to ourselves. Take a look at self-talk for more on this.

Changing our body image

We’re encouraged in the media to judge looks harshly and this is not getting us anywhere. Change the way to judge yourself and others.

Compliment your friend’s outfit. Like someone’s post on Instagram, if that’s what they’d like. Advocate for fair treatment of everyone, separate from their body type.

It’s liberating in many ways. Learn to not second guess an outfit. You won’t decide to not wear something that you like. The only question that you will ask yourself is: are you comfortable and confident in your appearance? Why/why not?

What’s a healthy appearance?

We must understand that appearance is not necessarily indicative of health. You can’t simply take a glance at someone and know what their general health is like. So encourage everyone in every circumstance.

So by saying it doesn’t matter what size someone is you’re not advocating unhealthy lifestyles, you’re advocating confidence.

Watch more about body positivity

Take a minute or two to watch a video on Youtube. Some great channels dealing with body positivity in recent times are: Meghan Tonjes, Tomska, Laci Green.

All in all, love yourself and your body, as no one else is guaranteed to do it for you. Read more about body image here.

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