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Exams are over, what now?

Phew! Exams are now over. What a relief, right? Sometimes though, finishing exams can be a bit of anticlimax. 

reading on the beachEverything you’ve been doing for the last while has been more than likely tightly scheduled. So here are some things for you to do now the exams are over and you have no set routine.

Have a few lie-ins

For your general mental health, you should try to regulate your sleeping patterns. This means going to bed and getting up at the same time everyday, so your body can get into a rhythm.

But, if you’ve just finished your exams, treat yourself to a few lie-ins – just a few, mind you.

Try some volunteering

Now you have all this free-time (!) try to get involved with some volunteering for a good cause near you.

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Work out an exercise regime (and do it)

The summer is a perfect time to try new sports or activities that you haven’t tried before. Or if you don’t want to try something new, just try to incorporate some more exercise into your day.

Go outdoors

This can combine two things at once, both known to be good for your physical and mental health; exercise and being in nature.

Go for a hike or just be somewhere where you can be around nature, the coast, the mountains or fields.

Read – for fun!

Don’t let all that study you were doing put you off reading. Now is the time to catch up on books you really want to read.

Get creative

Pick up an instrument, or a paintbrush, start writing or anything that gets your creative juices flowing. Experiment with the time you have.

Stay in touch

Now school and college are over, you might be far away from your friends from the summer. Without your own transport this can leave you feeling a bit isolated. Make sure to contact friends using messaging apps or Skype to stay connected.

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