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More young people are seeking mental health support online

From 2011 to 2015 we conducted online user-profiling surveys to find out richer information about well, you – the people coming to our site.
We asked questions about help-seeking preferences, level of mental health knowledge and the main reasons for coming to the site.

Results over five years

Over these five years we found that 62% of young people (aged 12 – 25 years-old) would visit a website for support when going through a tough time.

Young people are most likely to look for support online, and favour online support as highly as speaking to a friend.

Seeking support online is a first port of call over talking to a health professional (38%), calling a helpline (14%) or speaking to a parent or guardian (28%).

Trusted support online

Our CEO Elaine Geraghty said “It’s clear that more young people are looking for support online. This highlights the importance of providing a comprehensive and trusted support hub online for young people to turn to when they need it, and that’s what aims to do.

“After the success of the Technology for Wellbeing International conference over the last three years were are delighted to be hosting it again in 2016. We have some great speakers confirmed so far and more to follow. We want the conference to become the place for a robust discussion around how we can harness the power of technology for good to help and support our young people – as so often online is the place where there can be so much negativity and danger.”

ReachOut for parents

We also discovered that some parents were coming to the site to find information and support for something their son or daughter was going through. This lead to us conducting a needs’ assessment with parents and young people around the country.

This thorough assessment informed the development of

Read more about the Technology for Wellbeing Conference.

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