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Positivity Pack

We recently spoke with James Corneille, a 17 year-old entrepreneur who created Positivity Pack.

The Positivity Pack is a perfect chill-out kit to help with horrible rainy, hair-pulling, frustrating and unfortunate days.

The price starts from 8 Euro, shipping anywhere in the world and includes such as: bubble wrap, de-stress guide, sweets, balloons and smiley stickers and more.

How did you came up with idea?
Positivity PackI combined two of my passions, helping people and entrepreneurship to create a startup that I’m really passionate about!

Who is the ‘Positivity Pack’ for?
It has a really big target market, but one of the main markets it’s used for is to help someone who’s having a bad day at work, or something similar or just to show someone they care.

What sort of feedback have you been getting?

People are getting in touch, saying they love the idea and such, which I really really appreciate. I’ts very inspiring to keep working on it when people like what I’m doing!


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