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5 step stress buster study method

Long evenings and better weather means for a lot of you exam season is just around the corner.
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For many this leads to the fridge being stocked full with energy drinks and enough sticky notes in your room to start up your own stationery shop.

Here’s a way to avoid last minute stress-fuelled cramming with a step-by-step easy to follow study guide, saving you time, energy and unnecessary tears.

1. Add a splash of colour

Colour co-ordinate your exam subjects with specific colours.

For example, file history exam notes in purple, English exam notes in orange and maths exam notes in yellow. Then place them all into one ring-binder folder, to easily locate your notes in record-breaking speed when revising before the exam.

2. Draw it out

Represent your main points with diagrams and illustrations.

Highlight the main points of a text or essay with illustrations and diagrams, to explain tough concepts, break down texts, keep your brain engaged and inspire creativity in you when approaching exam time.

3. Highlight key words, not key sentences

Keywords trigger your memory to recall the full sentence, and like jigsaw pieces your brain should begin to fit them all together when you require it most, on the day of your exam.

4. Get enough sleep

We all know how important sleep is, don’t we? Even if you’ve managed to pull some successful study all-nighters before, do not rely on them. Without at least seven hours a sleep a night, your brain doesn’t function to its full capacity.

Poor sleep adds to your stress levels along with decreasing your ability to concentrate.

Avoid this unnecessary stress and last minute panic and re-charge your brain like you would a set of batteries the night before your big test.

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5. Deep breaths

It’s only an exam after all. Give it your best and realise no matter what the outcome of the exam is, it’s not the end of the world.

Remember, at the end of the day your health is much more important than any exam grade.

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