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Tackle your feelings

Today marks the launch of Tackle Your Feelings a new campaign from the Irish Rugby Union Players’ Association in partnership with Zurich. 

Honest feelings

The campaign features a number of videos from rugby players who encourage us to express how we’re feeling and manage our mental health. Their vision is:

“a society where emotional vulnerability is viewed as a strength. Where being honest with yourself about how you are feeling is brave. Where it’s second nature to connect with your emotions. Where you feel empowered to open up to others for support.”

Ambassador Jack McGrath speaks here about how he has tackled his feelings after his brother’s death in 2010.

Positive mental health

We all need to remember that the state of our mental health isn’t fixed, it can be good or it can be poor. There are many things we can to to improve and maintain our sense of wellbeing. Here’s a list of nine ways to look after your mental health.

This list is just for starters, it’s really about finding out what works for you.

Who do I talk to?

If you’re going through to a tough time talking with someone is always a good thing to do. Deciding on who you should talk to can take some thought. Read Who do I talk to? for help with this.

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