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SHAG week #GetTested #AskConsent

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) have just launched a Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance (SHAG) nationwide campaign. 

condomsTwo core messages

The campaign has two core messages for students and young people. These are: get tested and ask for consent.

Kevin Donoghue, President of the Union of Students in Ireland, said, “We are reminding students that they must look after their sexual health.

This means getting tested regularly and using condoms and dental dams to protect themselves from the risk of contracting an STI. Getting tested is quick, painless and usually free!

The reported increase in rapes and sexual assaults in Ireland is very worrying. Research shows that only one in 10 cases are reported. What’s even more worrying is this figure is for the Rotunda hospital alone.”

Union of Students in Ireland

Find out more the Sexual Health Awareness and Guidance campaign from USI.

Ask consent

The only way to know for sure whether someone has consented to sex is if they tell you. Find out more about consent and sex.


We cannot stress the importance of minding your sexual health enough. There are many STIs that don’t show any symptoms so you may not know that you  have contracted one. If you are sexually active make sure to make it a habit of getting tested regularly.

Annual SHAG campaign

The campaign focuses on all aspects of sex including:

Protect yourself

The greatest form of protection is to educate yourself. Be aware of safe sexual practices and how to manage your sexual health, you’re a lot less likely to end up with regrets.

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