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Restarting those resolutions after Pancake Tuesday

Pancake Tuesday is tomorrow. Did that catch you by surprise? Early this year. 

chocolateSo, apart from eating more pancakes in one sitting than you eat the rest of the year round, Pancake Tuesday means Lent starts Wednesday.

OK Lent is religious, but even if you’re not a practicing Catholic, Lent is event on the Irish calendar.

Lent, tends make us think about giving up stuff.

Setting goals

If your New Year’s resolutions are a wistful memory ALREADY, at the beginning of February, maybe Lent can be the time to revive them.

Along with giving up stuff, Lent can even be a time to set some new goals, hopefully boosting your mood and self-esteem in the process. Bargain.

Taking the first step

If you’ve tried giving up certain things before, like say chocolate for example (pictured, as it’s quite a common one), you’re probably already aware of the struggle it can be.

Starting small can be a large step towards that goal.

Start something new

You don’t exactly have to give up something. If you’ve always wanted to start something new, this could be the time.

Evenings are getting a little longer, so it is the perfect time to start a hobby, start a new exercise routine or just get some more fresh air. All of these new and exciting experiences can help towards improving your mood.

Get back up

Going at it alone makes it hard to motivate yourself. Getting family or friends involved can give you that extra little push.

Aim to support one another. Keep communication open between yourselves to help overcome any difficulties you might face.

Don’t fear failure

At the end of it all, slip ups there and there are always a possibility. This  shouldn’t stop you from trying.

Read about the stages to achieving change.

Lent can be an excellent starting point for a new you, and of course bring about a state of positive mental health. Good luck!

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