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Trying to overcome anxiety

Anxiety is something we can all experience from time-to-time. Over-thinking a situation, a work deadline or a personal relationship anxiously is something we all do. 

stress_ball_rubberbandHaving said that, everyday anxieties can build up and cause us to feel overwhelmed.

When this happens, it can be very isolating as you are consumed with worry. Anxiety can filter into all areas of your life and stop you doing the things you usually enjoy.

It can be a difficult when you find yourself in the centre of a stress cycle.

Take a breath

The first thing to do when you start feeling anxious is BREATHE.

It sounds simple and we’re not trying to oversimplify what you’re going through, but honestly, learning some breathing exercises to ground you can really help.

>>Download WorkOut and take the Take a breather mission.
>>Learn an easy breathing exercise.

Being able to take a few minutes minutes to slow your mind down is the first step in calming yourself down.

When we feel stressed, things we find easy can become more difficult, like just making decisions for example.

Try to separate the reasons you’re feeling anxious. Is there a reason you are worrying that is making all the other smaller things seem more difficult?

Talking things through

Taking through your anxiety with someone is a good way of managing it. Having a chat about how you’re feeling can help you see things more clearly.

After talking things through situations can seem less overwhelming.

Get some space

Going for a walk or run when feeling stressed can be a great way of calming yourself down. Get out of the house and get some space can soothe the mind.

Take some time to do something you enjoy and give yourself some space.

Don’t let anxiety rule your life

Easier said than done, you’re probably thinking if you’ve been finding yourself experiencing a lot of anxiety. Remember, there are many ways of over coming it.

Read what is anxiety for more.

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