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Safer Internet User Day

Safer Internet Day falls on Tuesday, 9 February this year. What’s it all about?

Safer internet day 2016You could recognise a scam a mile off and make sure you have good passwords. So what does ‘safe’ internet mean for you?

Phone addiction?

Most of us are online through phones, tablets or laptops a good chunk of the day. We’re connected more than ever before, with some of us (maybe) a little addicted to our phones.

Free space online

At the same time, we all have the right to stay connected with friends, music trends, sports, fashion and publications without experiencing abuse, harassment or ridicule.

Unfortunately this isn’t always the case. There are people who make it their business to take people down, slag them off or just generally make them feel crap on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram…you name it.

Trolling, cyberbullying or just haters. You might have not named it, but you know when someone is getting a hard time online when you see it.

But are you also aware of when you are taking part in it?

Getting likes

Have you shared something about someone else that you’d find really embarrassing if it was of you? Have you been quick to call someone names, or slag them off online in a way you wouldn’t to their face?

You put someone down, and get a load of likes for it. But, does that brief satisfaction you get likes for for ripping someone apart  last?

Does that benefit you in the long-run?

Easily done

What we put online can often be misinterpreted. You’re a decent person, there’s no doubt, but sometimes you need to take extra care that you’re not doing damage to someone else while online.

What someone feels about what you write or post may be totally different to what you intend.

Get involved

We can all work together to make the internet a safer space. With that in mind, take a few seconds each time to think about what you do online.

Check out Webwise for more on activities for Safer Internet Day.

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