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‘The Notorious’ and the power of self-belief

Conor McGregor is due to fight for UFC’s Featherweight title at the MGM Grand Garden arena in Las Vegas, Nevada this Saturday.

Conor mcGregorLearning to believe in yourself

Whether you’ll be watching or not, we could all learn a lesson or two about motivation and self-belief from Mr McGregor.

OK some some say he’s a smack talker who shows no respect, but people are buying into his talk. His opponent, Aldo, is undefeated in 10 years and yet McGregor is the slight favourite in the bookies.

Supporting team

Remember in all these cases with anyone who makes a career in sport, they all have a huge team to help support them.

Us mere mortals can’t exactly have an entourage to get through our day, but a good friend or family member who supports us could be a close second though. We can also learn to become our own champion.

Improving self-esteem is the first step, and this can be achieved. Like most things in life, practice makes perfect. Or better, at least.

Helping win the round

How to working on your self-esteem, by these two simple tasks.

  • Pep-talks – a bit of positive self-talk can really improve self-belief and results. It might be nice to have someone else giving the talk, but really it needs to come from within too.
  • Working towards a goal – as with anything life, sport, including ultimate fighting, requires the ability to set and work towards goals.

Looking forward

If you’re fighting the ultimate fight, or if you have Christmas exams, or you’re just finding winter a bit of a struggle this year working on your self-belief will help.

Minding yourself and building your self-confidence on a day-today basis will help with whatever’s going on. The little battles as well as the big ones.

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