Helping you get through tough times

Facebook helping with break ups

How many times a day we check our Facebook page? With smartphones, laptops and iPads, we’re kept constantly up to date with people’s movements.

We share our pictures, stories and relationships over the web, so what happens when we find ourselves dealing with something we don’t want to see?

facebook-its-complicatedBreaking up online

Ending a relationship or someone finishing a relationship with you can be a very tough time to go through.

Taking some space to work through it is a vital part of moving on. With our social media accounts so linked to a person we are no longer with, taking this space can seem very difficult.

Checking your ex on Facebook

It’s perfectly natural to be curious about someone, even when you are no longer with them.

Checking someone’s Facebook page to see what they’re doing can be a dangerous habit many of us fall into after a break up. In fact we can persecute ourselves with our online “stalking”.

Feeling that your ex is out enjoying themselves without you won’t help you move through the break up. Constantly checking what they’re doing online won’t either.

Recently Facebook announced new tools that can be used after a relationship status is ended on Facebook that limits how much you can see your ex online. Which can give you a real break.

Controlling how much you can see your ex in the virtual world can help you deal with your break up and move on.

Facebook lives

Remember, what we post on Facebook is not always a real representation of our actual lives.

Just because someone appears to be having fun and moving on does not mean this is actually the case.

Step back into reality

If you are going through a break up make sure you are taking the right steps to help yourself through it. Spend less time online and more time doing the things you enjoy with people you care about.

Rather than looking at what other people are doing, focusing on enjoying our own lives is the best way to get through a tough time.

If you are finding it tough to deal with a break up then talk to someone. Whether it be a friend or family member, talking through a problem is the best way of feeling in control and less isolated.

Feeling lonely

Breaking up with someone can leave you feeling lonely. Spending time with friends is a good way of dealing with those feelings.

Facebook is a great way of keeping up with friends and expressing your opinions.

However, never neglect your real life interactions. Having a cup of tea with a friend beats a game of candy crush anyday!!