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Serving up gratitude for Thanksgiving

Last Thursday of every November is Thanksgiving, in the States. To us it means it’s a less than a month until Christmas. 

But, it is never any harm to stop and think of what we’re thankful for.

Animated-Happy-Thanksgiving-Pumpkin-WallpapersThe art of gratitude

Working on gratitude, regularly taking the time to work out what your grateful for is known to be a really effective way of increasing your sense of wellbeing.

We are now slap bang in the middle of dark evenings, cold weather and endless rain and these all make it easy to just go into hibernation mode.

Weather and dark evenings aside, gratitude can take a bit of work all year round. It doesn’t come naturally for some either.

What do I actually feel thankful for?

It’s very easy to get into habit of comparing yourself to others and coming up short. Overdosing on social media, envying other people’s fabulous lives.

Which is then bound to make us feel a bit crap and forget all the little things in our lives we’re actually thankful for.

Friends first

Start by appreciating and making the effort with the friends and family and notice the difference they make to your life.

Having someone to hang out with, and just have a laugh or watch a movie with, or just know you helps us be more resilient, happier people.

How can I be more thankful?

Keep a daily diary or make a gratitude list. Doing this at the end of the day, or in the morning depending on what kind of person you are, is a great way of taking stock.

If it gets down to sharing a laugh with a stranger on a bus, or you think there’s no bread for toast but someone left you the last slice, so be it. Life is about about the #littlethings.

Taking note of the positive parts of our lives is also a good way of ensuring we keep doing them, and returning them for others.

Don’t let this year’s Thanksgiving pass you by, without giving thanks.

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