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100 Tonne Challenge

Tonight a group of young men and women will be taking part in the 100 tonne challenge in Greystones Rugby Club.

The challenge is to lift 100 tonnes between them, the weight of the Spire in fact. Funds raised are for and will help us in our work reaching young people going through tough times.


Mental health everyday

Along with raising funds for, the event helps bring mental health into the everyday conversation, which is what we’re all about.

It promises to be a fun, energy-filled event so if you’re anywhere nearby Greystones you should pop in, doors open at 7.30 pm and there are loads of drinks promotions.

Raising awareness

Ian O’Beirne, ( you may remember him from such movies as The Wolf of ReachOut ) the driving force behind the challenge believes that mental health “is a massive part of everyone’s life and one that isn’t managed well” for too many people.

Therefore “the biggest aim of 100 tonne challenge is to raise awareness for all clubs and make mental health awareness such a positive thing that people feel encouraged to talk about it and to come forward if they do have a problem”.


While training the guys involved have managed to get a huge amount of local sponsors on board, so a big thanks to:
Player sponsorships
Nicky’s Village Market
Kilcoole Beauty By Shelley
Greystones Curious Monkey Coffee Co., Dun Laoighaire
Shadore Boutique
Greystones Spar
Leixlip Café Gray
Greystones Greystones Credit Union Horse and hound
Delgany Ecovis,
Dublin Aircoach Greystones Hockey Club Mrs. Robinson’s, Greystones
The Bearpaw Deli
Delgany Bray Tiling
The Happy Pear, Greystones
Enclave, Dublin
With the main sponsor being Dove Men +Care.

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