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International Men’s Day 2015

19 November is International Men’s Day. A day to focus on improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models.

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Having the day marks an occasion for men to celebrate achievements and contributions to the world community.


International Men’s Day is always slap bang in the middle of ‘Movember“, a campaign to raise awareness about men’s health. All elements of health, physical and mental.

Talking it out

The stereotype of men who don’t look after themselves or talk about their feelings isn’t helpful. In some cases men may very well be up to talking about their feelings and problems but just may not know how to go about it.

Learning how to communicate your feelings better will help when you want to express frustrations and other problems.

What’s in a day? Or a month?

Maybe the day means nothing for you and that’s OK. But. if you’re a young man these days, you’ve more than likely got a lot on your mind.

Maybe you feel physically and mentally fit most of the time and don’t worry about your health, or maybe you don’t.

Either way, take a few minutes today to workout (or questions like these):

  • “Should I be getting more exercise?”
  • “Maybe I should reign in the drink a bit.”
  • “Hmmmm, dinner of super noodles five nights a week can’t be good.”
  • “This thing that’s been bothering me and keeping me awake at night, well it’s not helping by going around and around in my own head. Maybe it’s time to talk to someone else about it.”

Only you can answer these questions, and do so honestly, for your own health.

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