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Fake #goals, not real life and social media

Instagram-famous and model Essena O’Neill has just taken herself off social media and her last Youtube video she tells us why. 

Essena O'Neill Instagram picture She claims that all of her activity on social media was fake and “contrived perfection”, changing all of the captions on her old posts last month before deleting them a week or two later.

Product placement

Signed with different modelling and advertising agencies, she has been sent clothes to wear for posts and props to hold in the images she published.

There is a lot of this going on in the social media world.

You may, or may not, be aware of it, but there is.

Online “influencers”

Brands have their channels, but a more effective way to reach people is through “influencers”.

These are people with loads of followers, and could be a peer, or look like they could be a peer. Someone who you would like to be like.

This may not be news to you at all. But, this young woman quitting the career she has made at 18 years-old is big news and if you hadn’t heard of her before, your social news feed will be full of her now.

Fake world of social media

Whether you know how the world of advertising works or not, we all know about our own relationship with social media.

We tend to post when everything’s great and well. Let’s face it, we want to show-off basically.

When we’re out with gangs of mates, selfies in front of places of note, festivals, parties, matches, bbqs, holidays. Fun, smiley happy people, pose for a picture, post and back to the fun.

Nothing wrong with that. Have fun, spread the joy.

So really it’s people putting the best of themselves out there, or in some cases, taking 100 snaps to get the best of themselves out there.

Unfortunately, when we’re not feeling so good we sit at home, browsing/stalking smiley happy people and their wonderful lives, whether they’re paid to do it or not, and it can make us feel worse.

The value of a “like”

Then there are the times we’re sort of in between, feeling a touch fragile. Posting something, only to spend the next few hours checking our phone to see how many likes it got.

How valued you feel, is suddenly all about the likes. This is partly what motivated Essena O’Neill in the first place she says, to put all her energies into her Instagram and Youtube profiles.

If you can’t relate to any of the above, well done, being above it all, we tip our hat to you. But if you can, only too well, it could be time for a break for you too.

Everything in moderation

Partly the reason we get like this with social media, is it’s great!

It connects us to each other, celebrities, news, entertainment, people we’d never meet and would love to be friends with. Like with everything, ( so annoying ) moderation is the key.

We’ve spoken to a lot of young people and they’re sick of social media, having to look at certain way, do the right stuff, feel bad with reminders in your pocket of you not being the right stuff.

So, what to do?

If you feel like it’s all getting a bit much, or if social media is taking up all your time and energy do try some of these tips.

  • Take a break.
  • Leave your phone at home every now and then *gasp* too hardcore, see first point then.
  • Get out in nature, winter’s coming in, so try to get as much sunlight as you can.
  • You know, you can actually delete apps from your phone every now and then. Don’t you worry your accounts will remain the same.
  • Get regular exercise, no so you can tweet/fb/insta/map/whatever about it, so you feel good.
  • Start to realise you are more than how you look by working on good body image.
  • Fine tune your self-esteem. It’s really what it’s all about.

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