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Is There Ever a Right Time for Men to Talk?

You’re supposed to be able to talk to your mates about anything, aren’t you?

Some of us think when we’re going through something, of course we’ll talk to our mates. Unfortunately, that can be the precise time when we don’t.

Unable to open up

Feelings of sadness and distress can be so overwhelming we can find ourselves unable to communicate how we feel to someone else.

This is when, as friends we need to be looking out for others. It can be easier to notice from the outside when someone is slipping into low mood, easier to notice behaviour changes and their impact.

Is there a right time for men to talk?

Mandown is a short, really well observed film, created by young men for young men. It shows a young man, getting frustrated with his friend who is not leaving his bedroom or responding to anything going on around him.

When he puts together what he’s seeing, he puts aside his frustrations to get to the root of what is going on and wants to help.

Noticing changes

We don’t always notice when someone is first getting down. Or we can be wrestling with our own feelings of being let down, when they withdraw from things you previously did together.

If you find yourself in a situation like this, take a step back and have proper look at what’s going on.

Reaching out

The turning point of the film is when the friend shifts his whole approach to try to help, and reaches out showing real empathy and understanding. This too can be the turning point for anyone you might be close to. Learning more about what someone can be going through is a good place to start.

Without saying anymore, watch the film (!) it breaks it all down really well.


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