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Kick Off Exercise, Alongside The Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup kicks off on the 18 September. As we’re getting ready for a lot of binge television watching, we should look at our own exercise habits and how they can improve our physical and mental health.

rugby ball Changing the outlook

According to an article by the Irish Examiner, 75% of adults and 80% of children do not meet the “guidelines for maintaining and improving current and future health”.

While these statistics seem bleak, there are many ways we can change our physical and mental health for the better, just by exercising.

Many benefits

Exercise has many benefits, both for the body and the mind. The effects on your body include improving your strength, fitness and appearance.

Exercise can also have a large positive impact on your mind and mood. By exercising a few times each week, you can reduce stress, manage anger and sleep better.

Takes all types

If we’re not used to regular exercise, the first thing we image when we think of it can be very negative; a person in a dark gym, suffering with each exercise routine.

However, there are many different types of exercises to suit everyone’s needs, focusing on endurance, strength, balance and flexibility. It can be as simple as running on your own, bootcamp classes in your local park, yoga or martial arts class.

Be positive, stay positive

Sometimes exercise on its own won’t have a large impact on your health. For example, if you’re exercising, you may need to adjust your diet to suit your new lifestyle.

As well as this, keeping a positive attitude throughout a big change in your routine can have impact on your decision to exercise and how you carry it out.

Be active, be social

Sports and exercise can also become a social occasion, when you’re involved as part of a team. Join your favourite local sports team or one in your school or college and you could make new friends to help you along the way.

Of course, with the arrival of the Rugby World Cup, many opportunities to socialise come along too. When you get your rest from playing and exercising, why not get together with friends or family to support your team.

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