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A Friday Night of Culture: Culture Night

This Friday, 18 September is Culture Night, with events on from 5 pm all over the country. Museums, galleries and buildings of interest are opening their doors for the evening to give us all a chance to appreciate them.

culture night logoBe a tourist in your own town

That gallery you’ve always meant to go to, or the little museum you’ve never been in, this Friday could be your chance for a flavour.

Free events

September can be one the most expensive times of the year. We don’t need to list the reasons here, you’re well aware of them.

That’s another great thing about culture night, it’s free!

Getting involved

Culture Night is also a “try before you buy” of lots of different arts, events and spaces that are always up to new things.

Negative thinking can be easy to slip into and there does tend to be a lot to moan about, on any given day. Culture Night shows us there’s actually loads of positives with tonnes going on all the time. It’s really just a matter of being open to it and seeking out a bit of culture every now and then.

As if you needed another excuse…

In fact, it gets busy. The atmosphere is great and why wouldn’t it be, it’s about opening up for a night of culture and if one thing’s not your bag, move along. It’s a great excuse to socialise, hang out with old friends or meet new people.

All things known to be good for our mental health, right?

Check out the culture night website for details on events near you.

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