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Heading Back to School in Autumn

Where did the time go? Those long drawn-out weeks and evenings that seemed never-ending are running out. 

‘Back to school’ signs have been plastered all over shops since the summer started, so we started to ignore them awhile books by Nikki

Now it’s the end of August they might take on extra weight, potentially leaving a sinking feeling in your stomach.

Not so bad after all

When we anticipate something, we can make it far worse in our heads.  Going back to school is no exception.

Remember any times you were dreading something, and then it turned out OK? Remind yourself of these occasions.

Another way to reduce back to school anxiety is to think past the first day and week back. Focus your thoughts on the second day, or the second week. Once you’re back in the swing of it, the new term might be manageable.

A new start

Try to think of the positives of a new school year. There are many!

Catching up with people you’ve barely seen for ages, new timetables and teachers, maybe even new subjects. You’re allowed to be excited by that.

Set goals for yourself for school or outside; half-term, Christmas etc. Just do what you can week-by-week, or even day-by-day. Be mindful of what’s going on now, not what’s coming at the end of the year, it can make things less stressful.

If you’re starting at a new school  and you’re concerned about that, remember everyone’s been there at some stage. You’ll soon make new friends, just try to relax and be yourself.

Worried about bullying

If you’re worried about bullying, it’s important to note that it’s never acceptable. If it has happened to you or someone you know in the past, and particularly if it happens now, you should talk to someone.

Family or friends that you trust is a good place to start. Your school might have a counsellor, or someone you’d feel comfortable talking to. There’s always professional online and telephone help or face-to-face help if you feel you need it.

Have fun

While school days may not always be the best days of your life, there’s no reason why these should be the worst either.

There will always be challenges in school, so try to balance school work with relaxation.

The bonus is the start of school is also the start of loads of other things: TV shows, parties, new movies and before long more holidays!

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