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Are You Ok? Words That can Change a Life

Recently a story went viral about a Dublin teenager, Jamie Harrington, about a piece on Humans of Dublin.

HumansofdublinJaime saw a man on the ledge of a bridge and asked him was he OK but could clearly tell that he was not.

They sat and talked for a while about what was going on for this guy and then Jaime called an ambulance for him.

That man is now safe, happy and well.

“ “He said in that moment that I approached him, he was just about to jump, and those few words saved his life. That they’re still ringing in his head every day. “Are you okay?” I can’t really understand how these few words could save his life, but he told me, “Imagine if nobody ever asked you those words…” ”

Just those three little words – are you OK? – can be just what someone needs to hear when they are spiraling in their own head.

Let them talk

Simply reaching out to someone when they need can have a huge impact. Check in with friends on family, when you thinks something’s up. Give them a chance to air what’s going on with them.

Try not to jump in and give your own opinion or advice. Let them talk freely.

Be prepared to listen

This could well be the first time this person gets to talk about how they’ve been feeling. It therefore, could be a little alarming to hear what thoughts they’ve been having.  Make sure that you seek support if you need to.

Arm yourself with all you need by reading more about effective communication.

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