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Let Music Help With Your Mood

Trying to explain your feelings around a subject can be difficult. Fortunately, there’s not much a good song can’t explain.

musicWith such a wide variety of genres and artists, you’re bound to find an artist who will sing a song that will hit the right nerve.

You could try to use music as a way to calm down, or as a way to explain feelings to a family member or friend.

Quotes from your favourite music can be used as way to counter triggers.

Personal favourite

One I like to listen to when feeling anxious is “I reserve my right to feel uncomfortable” by A Day to Remember.

I can’t forget to mention how winding down with the appropriate music can help your mood. Whether you’re angry or sad, the right soundtrack can help bring your mood right up.

Don’t overuse it!

As great as you may find a song, listening to it over and over may kill your love for it.

You also can’t forget that walking around with your headphones constantly in will lead to you missing out on what’s around you. Pick a quiet time for your noise.

Playing music

If you’re playing for yourself or an audience, performing  music is an amazing way of expressing yourself.

Like poetry, writing , dancing or any other hobby, performing or writing music can be a great way to express and explain yourself. Use it as a way to distract yourself when feeling down.

Playing an instrument and learning what sounds you can make is a great way to spend time.

The low deep notes of a bass or the high and upbeat notes of a ukulele can be strung together to make an expression of yourself. Mess around with them and see what you can do.

Your taste is yours

If you love death metal, the heavy wubs of dubstep or traditional Irish folk, it’s all good.

Anything that clicks with you is good no matter what anyone else says.

If anyone is insulting your taste they don’t deserve a reply. Music is 100% subjective.

Keep an eye out for new stuff

You never know when you’ll find your next favourite band. Youtube and Spotify are great sources, keep an ear out.

The science of music

I haven’t just been spouting rubbish, there are heaps of studies that will show you how music affects your brain waves and thought patterns.

A groovy beat not only get’s your foot tapping, but also releases serotonin, the feel good hormone.

Your heart naturally adjusts its beat to the tempo of a song. If you’re having trouble sleeping, you may find that some nice jazz or classical music can help you get in the mood for sleep.

Similarly, if you are looking for a bit of energy, a bit of rock or dance on top of exercise wouldn’t hurt.

There are many ways to look after your mental health, find out what works for you.


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