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Fear of missing out (FOMO)

Don’t beat up on yourself if you need to take a break every now and then. We all need to learn to disconnect every now and then. 

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Sometimes we find ourselves worrying about ANYTHING we could be missing out on. The next thing to be at, the next video to watch.

The fear of missing out is a big thing now.

Pressure from within

We put pressure on ourselves to do more than we might be able to handle just because we’re scared of what could possibly happen if we don’t.

Sometimes the fear comes from being judged for not wanting to participate. Or just not wanting to feel left out.

Outside pressure

This is partly the reason we’re so addicted to our phones and social media. Our constant need to be connected, to know what’s happening at all times.

We know when a headline is just clickbait, but what if it ends up being the thing that everyone talks about and you didn’t see it?

Learning to be on your own

We can let the need for approval take over and the fear of missing out be bigger than our own needs. Ultimately, that only reinforces the idea that we’re simply not good enough by being ourselves, and that’s not true.

Making your own decisions and taking the time to yourself to relax is perfectly OK. Switch off, every now and then. Don’t cut yourself off, but learn to take breaks from your phone and social media.

Disconnect one night of the week, or after a certain hour. Your sleep will benefit too.

Focus on the good

Thinking about what you might have missed could lead you to have negative thoughts and that’s never fun. So instead, try some positive self-talk.

Concentrate on something good you might have done in your new found free time. This way will not only help build your self-esteem, but your confidence as well.

You might even find your behaviour changing by making it a routine. Taking a break from all the messages bombarded at you will give you a different perspective, and help decipher some of the nonsense out there.

Remember, taking a different path, doesn’t mean it’s the wrong one.

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