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Taylor Swift talks of encouragement

During her 1989 tour, Taylor Swift takes the time in between songs to stress the importance of having good friends around to uplift you through the good and bad.

She also touches on the importance of uplifting each other as women, instead of tearing each other down.

Build up, not tear down index

Not everything in life is a competition. Sometimes as girls, we can find ourselves thinking as if we have to compete with each other when it comes to simple things such as who has the cuter shoes or for the attention of our male counterparts.

We shouldn’t allow those things define who we are and our good friend, Taylor, reminds us of that.

She and her other famous gal pals never hesitate to speak out on the significance of having good friends around to always pick you up when you’re down and out or to simply just be there for you.

Power of encouragement

There’s nothing better than having a support system around you to count on no matter the time or day.

When dealing with the pressures of Hollywood, Swift knows she can depend on her friends and fans for a self-esteem builder when needed. In return, she does the same for them, of course.

Constant encouragement may not be necessary, but a little pick-me-up every now and then can do wonders for your confidence whether you’re giving or getting the compliment!

Pass it on

Don’t forget to give rather than just receive! Spreading a little positivity can do a long way.

Just as Taylor encourages her fans and friends, you should do the same to those around you. Make someone’s day by challenging yourself to do or say something kind to not only others, but yourself.

The key to building one’s self-esteem starts within.

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