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Fourth of July

Shelby, an intern who is over with us from the US this summer fills us in on what 4 July is all about.

Holidays are the perfect excuse to get everyone together and throw a party and that’s exactly what’s happening in the States this weekend!

What’s it all about?

4 July is the biggest summer holiday celebrated in America. It celebrates their independence imagesfrom Great Britain in 1776.

Now, most people don’t know the entire background of the holiday, but they do know enough to throw one fantastic party.

Getting everyone together

With 4 July falling right in the middle of summer, it gives people the opportunity to break out the BBQ, fresh fruit and invite over friends and family for a fun time.

There’s nothing like being around grilling up some hamburgers and hot dogs in the sunshine while enjoying the company of your loved ones.

It’s a great time to spark up friendly competitions between each other such as water balloon fights or relay races.

Who says you can’t have fun by getting a little exercise while having fun as well!

Not to mention the part everyone looks forward to at the end of the night…fireworks!

Family, friends and fireworks

If there is anything to look forward to during this holiday, it is indeed, fireworks. This is one day in America it’s legal to let them off all night long.

Nothing beats seeing radiant colors light up the sky making incredibly loud, yet majestic noises while surrounded by friends and family.

This holiday does more than simply celebrate independence for some. I know, for me at least, it was a way to gather family who lived all over the U.S. to meet in one place and spend some quality time.

It’s one of the only days in the summertime where everyone can come together, relax and have fun.

So if you ever have a chance to travel on over to the States for this amazing holiday, don’t hesitate to do so! It’s an experience one can never forget!

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