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A lot to celebrate this weekend for Dublin Pride

It’s Dublin Pride this weekend and we’ve a lot to celebrate in Ireland.

prideThe success of the recent marriage referendum was a huge step for Ireland, for everyone but in particular (and obviously) the LGBT community.

Just today, gay marriage was legalised all across the USA. But, y’know, we were first.

Nearly there

Not to put a downer on it, but attitudes don’t change over night. While Irish society at large has progressed, some individuals may have some way to go.


Gay pride is all about social inclusion for LGBT people in wider society.

This is only really possible when you’re comfortable with your own sexuality.

No matter what’s going on coming out can sometimes be difficult. In an ideal situation you’d only tell people about your sexuality when you’re ready to.

Talk to those you trust

With something as personal as your sexuality it may be wise to think carefully about who to talk to and when. It’s your decision.

Enjoy being you first

Whether you’re getting ready for the parade or just getting used to your own sexuality, enjoy being you first.

Being comfortable with your sexuality or any aspect of who you are goes a long way to helping you lead a happier life.

For information on LGBT support and information check out BeLonG To.

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