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Get by with a little help from…Minions

This time around, the Minions set off in search of a new villain to serve. But first, they have to find the strength within themselves to do so. 

Everyone likes the Minions, right?c8bf074dca97c71cb7bea5253fea38bf

After falling short time after time, the Minions begin to feel as if they have no purpose which causes them to fall into a deep sadness. Does that sound familiar?

Instead of allowing that define them, these plucky little yellow fellas pick themselves up and take off in search of a new leader.

Best laid plans

Sometimes when things don’t go as we planned and it can have us feeling a bit crap. We can find ourselves becoming unattached or disinterested in things that we’d typically enjoy.

Having a break for a little while can be OK, however, picking yourself back up and trying again can benefit you more than you imagined.

 Asking for help

Taking it upon yourself to work through your problems may get the job done, but asking for some help here and there can work wonders as well.

One thing to always remember is that you are never alone. When the going gets tough, finding a good friend or family member to confide in for support can always help.

Working together

Just as the Minions did, bonding together and picking each other back up when life gets a hard can help you get through.

We can all get by with a little support from our friends and family.

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