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Men’s Health Week 2015

Today marks the beginning of Men’s Health Week, and this years’s theme is: “Creating culture change – let’s change the script”.

Men's Health Week 2015What’s Mens’ Health week all about?

Each year the week has three goals:

  • Raise awareness of preventable health issues
  • Enable men and boys to live healthier lifestyles
  • Encourage early detection and treatment of health issues.

For everyone, not just the men

The idea is to get everyone involved in taking care of and minding men’s health.

This includes health professionals, sporting clubs, along with family and friends of any man. So, pretty much everybody then!

All round health

It’s really important for men to take care of their wellbeing.

Healthier lifestyles, monitoring, detection and treatment will go a long way to preventing premature death in men.

What can I do?

The Men’s Health Forum have put together a manual last year to help men (and others) look after their wellbeing.

From alcohol to healthy eating, the manual outlines easy actions and where to find more information.

Have a look at the Men’s Health Forum website for details of the manual and events that are on around the country this week.

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